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The Imperial Court of Nebraska, ICON, is a unique group witin a giant network of individual social and community organizations united in kinship under an umbrella of shared structure, policies and goals. 


The International Court System (ICS) is one of the most exciting, diverse GLBT organizations on this continent! With 68 non-profit chapters across the United States, Canada and Mexico, our members utilize their unique talents to raise funds and awareness, educate and teach, and help fulfill the needs of their communities. We put the fun back in fundraising! Our organization is open to everyone. Our membership is made up of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and hetero-sexual individuals. A person's gender or orientation has no bearing on being a member of the court "family."


Every year, in July, ICON elects and Emperor and Empress. These individuals are the public face of the organization both in town and across the nation. Being a monarch is a huge commitment, both in terms of time and money, and we are proud of the monarchs both past and present. Past monarchs, or "wuzzies", make up the College of Monarchs.

New ICON Crest.png

The Imperial Court of Nebraska was founded on July 15, 1980. One of the first organizations to benefit from ICON's fundraising was the Muscular Dystrophy Association. HIV/AIDS did not hit Omaha until around Reign 3. It was during this reign that Emperor Ken Dillard and Empress Toadie Lee Marvelous started raising money to combat the illness sweeping the community. Not long after, what we now know as the Nebraska AIDS Project (NAP) was born. During Reign 16 our Scholarship Fund was established. During Reign 25 ICON became a 501c3 non-profit organization. Now during Reign 36 all of our history and important documents are being housed at the UNO Criss Library's Queer Archives for many generations to know how ICON has help impact the State of Nebraska.

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